Virtual Office Services/虛擬辦公室服務

Registered Address:

  • A registered office of the company to be registered with relevant Hong Kong Government departments
  • Collecting letters from the Government departments
  • Client can make use of the registered office at their letter paper and business cards

Correspondence Address and Parcel Collection: 

  • more effective mail delivery to the correspondence address provided
  • mail and parcel collection and timely notification of collection or transfer

Designated Call/ Fax Service:

   With Direct Phone/Fax Number

  • Calls answering and fax delivery by a designated person in the name of the company
  • Calls transfer and leaving messages
  • Fax transferred to any designated e-mail address
  • Print direct phone/fax number on the letterhead and name card

   With Call Direct Service

  • Transfer designated calls to a given fixed line/mobile number
  • No geographically bound. Calls made and answered anywhere


  • 作為公司註冊地址登記於香港政府相關部門
  • 代收政府、銀行及商業信件
  • 可用於信紙及名片上
  • 可選擇公司名稱掛牌


  • 郵遞信件可更有效地寄抵為您提供的香港通訊地址
  • 代收信件及郵包,並及時通知閣下領取或為您轉寄



  • 專人以公司名義接聽及代收傳真
  • 轉告來電及留言
  • 傳真可以轉發到任意指定電子郵箱
  • 可使用獨立電話/傳真號碼編制信紙及名片


  • 可因應需要隨時將專線電話轉接
  • 沒有地域界限,任何地方都可接收來電

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